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800 State College Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92831
United States

The Pilipino American Student Association Kaibigan at California State University, Fullerton is student based group set out on Pilipino Unity.


We’re Kaibigans... Forevermore...
— Blanche Recasata, Spring 2005 PASA Secretary

PASA: Throughout The Years was created to celebrate the history of CSUF PASA Kaibigan. Here you will find an ongoing collection of photos, video links, stories, and milestones from the 1980's to now taken from Chronicles/Kronicles, PCN program booklets, The Daily Titan, and PASA alumni. This is dedicated to all PASA alumni and current PASA members. Enjoy!

fall 1983

PASA is established by a group of friends led by Robert Litorjua and Eloine de Jesus. They started with 6 members with the hopes of getting Pilipino students to unite, to learn more about the Pilipino culture, and to gain representation on campus. (Annabelle Caberte & Esther Gatbonton,"History of the Kaibigans")

spring 1984

From 1983 - Spring 1984, PASA had 20 members where some were from Fullerton Junior College. In the end, About 80% of the members were from FJC. (Annabelle Caberte & Esther Gatbonton,"History of the Kaibigans")

1985 - 1986

A Junior College transfer student, Don Palpallatoc, would rise up and bring PASA to new heights. This would not be possible without the support and help of his friends Gigi Bandelian, Carol Dizon, Eileen Rogan, Bernadette Barrantes, Veronica Chan, Randy Sevilla, and Annabelle Caberte. During this time, Friendship Games was created under president Manny Gaudier and Sports Coordinator Don Palpallatoc. (Annabelle Caberte & Esther Gatbonton,"History of the Kaibigans") It started off as an internal event where CSUF organizations competed against each other and then FG began having external schools compete. The first external FG champions was Mt. Sac's Pilipino club Kasama. Today, Friendship Games is one of the biggest Filipino events in the nation. Also within this time frame, Les Ortiz and other board members coordinate PASA's first PCN.


With PASA growing with successful events such as PCN and FG, the Multi-Cultural Council recognized PASA with the Most Inspirational Organization Award and the Most Promising Organization Award.

fall 1988

PASA won Friendship Games! Check out the 1988 video in the FG Archives!