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800 State College Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92831
United States

The Pilipino American Student Association Kaibigan at California State University, Fullerton is student based group set out on Pilipino Unity.

PCN 2017: On the Way Home


The 30th Annual Pilipino Culture Night is a cultural stage show put together by Cal State Fullerton's Pilipino-American Student Association. Members act, sing, and dance on-stage in an effort to celebrate Pilipino culture for one night. For the 30 years, CSUF's PASA has put on a show for many people who come watch their friends, family members, and even students perform on that stage. On March 25, 2017, PCN Coordinator, Louie Jota, and PCN Dance Coordinator, Raynelle (Ray) Baldovino, put on a fantastic show displaying a story of a young boy who was struggling to find love and clarity, cultural dances, modern dances, and of course, singing.

Mission Statement

                                    Raynelle (Ray) Baldovino (PCN Dance Coordinator) & Louie Jota (PCN Coordinator)

                                    Raynelle (Ray) Baldovino (PCN Dance Coordinator) & Louie Jota (PCN Coordinator)


Purpose of continuing Pilipino Culture Nights 

"The most apparent reason of PCN is the importance of focusing on our culture through the arts. In my opinion, I feel that it is important because we are given the platform to properly depict our stories as Pilipinx-Americans through our own lens. We are given the opportunity to represent and portray our history, which tends to be forgotten in mainstream media. Additionally, a lot of hard work is put into this amazing show and it is a great way for everyone in PASA to grow closer together as a family - which is one of the most important values of our culture." - Angelyn Garcia : Spring 2017 Community Advocacy Cultural Chair (CACC)

"The purpose of doing PCN's is to really celebrate Filipinx heritage. This is exemplified by the various dances that represent the different suites (Muslims, Tribal, Rural, Maria Clara, Cordillera). These dances emulate the culture of the Philippines through its diverse meanings. Besides these cultural dances, the play that follows along PCN, is typically a plot line that influences the life and challenges Filipinos may go through. Usually the purpose of the play is to educate the audience about these issues and the approaches one may take. Continuing to do PCN's is not only a educating experience, but a way for college students to come together, and celebrate the beauty of Filipinx culture." - Gennica Velasco : Fall 2017 Community Advocacy Cultural Chair (CACC)

How far we are: storyline

"On the Way Home" depicts the story of a boy named Kai Montevideo who is struggling to find love and clarity in the midst of his family's immigration to the United States from the Philippines. Instead of finding hope for a better life, the Montevideo family begins to grow further and further apart with each passing day. "On the Way Home" addresses the hardships immigrants face and the importance of cherishing those who make you feel loved.



How Far We Are: Cultural & Modern Dances

-Infinite PASAbilities (IP)


-Pandanggo Sa Ilaw





-Jota Paragua


-Sayaw sa Bangko


Photo Credits to Memory Capture