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800 State College Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92831
United States

The Pilipino American Student Association Kaibigan at California State University, Fullerton is student based group set out on Pilipino Unity.


We’re Kaibigans... Forevermore...
— Blanche Recasata, Spring 2005 PASA Secretary

PASA: Throughout The Years was created to celebrate the history of CSUF PASA Kaibigan. Here you will find an ongoing collection of photos, video links, stories, and milestones from the 1980's to now taken from Chronicles/Kronicles, PCN program booklets, The Daily Titan, and PASA alumni. This is dedicated to all PASA alumni and current PASA members. Enjoy!

fall 1990

PASA members would call themselves The Kaibigans. The Kaibigans would compete in the 1990 Northridge Invitational Tournament at L.A. Valley College playing in Men's and Women's basketball and volleyball. At the first general meeting, over 90 people attended. The Kaibigans held a fall picnic for their members and they got to know each other through "Musical people, the balloon toss, and The Nasty." Friendship Games was held on October 13th where 18 SCPASA schools attended with an estimated 800 attendees. Games that were played that are no longer played were The Bermuda Triangle, The Nutcracker, and Rhythm Machine. PASA also held the Boo Bash Halloween Party. One of the biggest events PASA held this semester was the K Klub Fall Dance. 31 members helped set up the dance and over 450 people attended the dance. Canned goods were being accepted and PASA was able to donate 4 large bags of cans to the SIPA center in Los Angeles. PASA also participated in the 2nd annual Elephant Race where president Shar San Miguel and her elephant placed 4th. Over winter break, PASA held a field trip to San Luis Obispo where PASA and Cal Poly SLO's Filipino club hanged out with one another.

spring 1991

PASA participated in the Annual Asian Week where John Tran hosted a fashion show and was choreographed by Vilma Villaflor. PASA members showcased the fashion and styles of the Igorot, Muslim, and Maria Clara suite. They also performed "Binasuan" and "Tinikling". PASA showed up to Cal Poly Pomona's 2nd annual SportsFest playing volleyball, softball, tennis, and basketball. During this semester's PCN, "A Culture of Many Faiths", SCPASA would comment "That's a Fullerton PCN" because of the dedication and hard work shown on stage by PASA members.

A couple of PASA members would also start up Theta Delta Beta at CSUF in 1991.



spring 1994

Ronald Casino and a group of PASA friends would move their hangout spot from the pool tables in the TSU underground  to a place on the other side of the TSU underground. They called it the "Downstairs" and that name would live on for over a decade. During that time, some members would call "Downstairs" the "Fire-side Lounge" or the "Piano Room" where ultimately it became known as "Fireside" today. PASA's home at CSUF was established.

Photo Credits: Ronald Allan Casino

Fall 1994

During Friendship Games, board member Emmanuel Coquia (commonly known now as Power 106's DJ E-Man) DJ'd along with Big Boy.

Photo Credits: Ronald Allan Casino


Photo Credit: Matthew Thane


spring 1997

fall 1998

Team Millenia is founded by Danny Batimana.

spring 1999