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800 State College Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92831
United States

The Pilipino American Student Association Kaibigan at California State University, Fullerton is student based group set out on Pilipino Unity.


We’re Kaibigans... Forevermore...
— Blanche Recasata, Spring 2005 PASA Secretary

PASA: Throughout The Years was created to celebrate the history of CSUF PASA Kaibigan. Here you will find an ongoing collection of photos, video links, stories, and milestones from the 1980's to now taken from Chronicles/Kronicles, PCN program booklets, The Daily Titan, and PASA alumni. This is dedicated to all PASA alumni and current PASA members. Enjoy!

spring 2000

At Cal Poly's Sportsfest, PASA's alumni football team made it to the championship game and the freshman team was the first frosh team to make it to playoffs. At the end of the semester, some PASA members work together with the Asian Pacific American Resource Center to create P-Grad, the Pilipino graduation.

spring 2001

Downstairs/Fireside is almost lost. There were plans of making Fireside into a computer lab but  PASA members lobbied against it during a formal meeting. Members shed tears because Fireside was home to them. Their argument was lost but the computer lab plan didn't follow through because of regulations. Fireside would live on for generations to come.

fall 2001

Kronicle Editor (it was known as Chronicle Editor at this time), Andrea Alonzo, made the Chronicle interesting with "Dear 'Drea Column". Members could ask Andrea for advice anonymously and her reply would show up in the Chronicle. Members also submitted poems and songs for the Chronicle. It was during this semester where Matt Geluz fell off the back of a Uhaul truck and became a favorite memory for many PASA members in the early 2000's. Having no cell phones or fancy laptops, many members killed time in Fireside by playing games such as Puso'y Dos, L.M.F, Blackjack, Black Magic, Click click Bang bang, and Mah Jong. The semester ended with a Sadie's banquet in the Pub. 

spring 2002

During this semester, PASA went a snowboarding trip in February, watched the new Spiderman movie at Cerritos mall, got free ice cream at Baskin Robbins after PCN practice, and had a bonfire at Huntington Beach in May. Over the past years, meetings were held at TSU Gabriellino at 4pm. This semester, meetings were held at 3:30pm in Gabriellino and would be held at that time for many of years. At Sportsfest, PASA's girl's basketball team (Erin, Susan, Sara, Grace, Amy E., Aimee O., Audrey, Amber, and Nancy) placed 2nd and tennis doubles (Jensen & Tintin) placed 3rd place. The softball team had a lot of fun playing with a neon pink & blue bat, borrowed gloves, and blue shirts with paper numbers. Publicity chair, Dru Wu, started up a PASA website at The website had pictures, articles, and even a chat room (The PASA website still lives but it is infested with pop-ups and probably viruses. Check it out at your own risk) Within this semester, Kronicle Editor Erika Estrella changes "Chronicle" back to "Kronicle".

Fall 2002

During the first general meeting held on September 11 in Pavilion C, a prayer was held at the beginning of the meeting in remembrance of the victims of 9/11. Also at 1st gen, Team Millenia performed. Over 100 people from PASA and different schools attended TM's first workshop and they practiced Under the Bridge (behind the Titan Bookstore) at 7pm. During this time, there was also the Dreas who were Andrea Alonzo (External Vice President) and Andrea Deguzman (Secretary). Members distinguished them as Drea1 and Drea2. Historian, Ryan F. Rosete, would also create the family known as the Sakit Family. The Sakit Family would ultimately be called "Siopao" so the family had a food name to compete with another family called The Hot Dog Family (now extinct). At general meetings, board would have a box called The "Shoe Box" and members could place their thoughts in the box whether it be feedback or submissions for the Kronicle. The "Shoe Box" didn't get many submissions and was renamed as The "Lonely Shoe Box" and was threatened to be replaced by the "Ugly Wood Suggestion Box". Speaking of Kronicle, the "Dear Drea Column" came back. At one point, Drea took a break and Dru Wu stepped in with "Dear Dru... Dru? What Happened to Drea??" giving advice from a guy's perspective. The popular NorCal Trip was known as the Frisco Trip during this time and PASA went to NorCal during the 2nd week of October. They were joined by De Anza College, Mission College, UC Santa Cruz, San Francisco State, San Jose State, and many more.  One fun social event was the "Pajama Jammy Jam Kickback" held at PASA Advisor Matt Geluz's apartment. Members spent the night getting to know each other while watching movies such as "Shrek" and "Fight Club". Fall 2002 was also the time where the Ate Kuya Ading Program changed its after event from BJ's to Chuck E. Cheese (at the time, it was Diamond Bar's Chuck E. Cheese). Oh yeah and membership back then was $10 a semester and $15 for the whole year! 

spring 2003

One fun event was the PASA-THETA-TM picnic where members of each group hanged out with each other at Arovista park with lots of food and pieing of board members. There was also a PCN Info/Hype Night where PCN Coordinator Randi Lopez showed his high school video of his rendition of Pandango sa Ilaw, Binasuan, and Tinikling. The night ended with watching 2001's PCN, Directions. A bowling tournament with a $150 cash prize for the winning team was hosted by PASA and TDB. Some of the AKA families that were there was the Hotdog Family, Cutie Patootie, AX, and the no name family. In the end of the tournament, it was the EventsCompany team that won the cash prize. PASA went into Sportsfest with a football team, 3 tennis doubles teams, a volleyball team, and a softball team consisting of board and one general member named Jamie. Formal was held at The Reef in Long Beach and those who went single were known as The Stag Party. The Stag Party watched X-Men 2 and carpooled together to The Reef. They danced together including the slow dances.

Video by Dru Wu

Fall 2003

Team Millenia becomes its own entity at this time but remained as the only competitive hip hop dance team at CSUF and still had strong support from PASA. Alumnus Ross Bascos invites PASA to perform at his wedding reception and PASA came through with Pandango Sa Ilaw and Tinikling. At the Chuck E. Cheese AKA after event, CPP Barkada joins PASA in the fun. Members tried to fit into the three horse carousel ride which they thought they were going to break it! On November 1st, Academic Chair Lyn Gutierrez organized a Thanksgiving Potluck dinner for all the ates, kuyas, and adings.

spring 2004

 To fundraise for PCN, board provided a PCN jar where members donated their spare change to help fund PCN. PASA performs PCN: Pack It back at La Mirada Theater. At Sportsfest, the football and softball team made it to playoffs and Sports Coordinator Roman Castro ranked first for the playoffs. Before formals (it was called "Boogie Nights... PORN"), Kym Lim, Mark Hamanaka, and Manuel Irigoyen go to LA to buy centerpieces. Walking in the fashion district, there was a sus man approaching them. Out of nowhere, the man sucker punches Manuel knocking out the lens of his glasses. They later learn that this man was just randomly assaulting random people and two guys were out to chase after the man. Kym, Mark, and Manuel rushed out of the fashion district and Manuel's message for the members was "Don't ditch class, especially if you're going to LA.". PASA holds a spring break bonfire. Dru Wu creates the summer board games which unites all the Socal Filipino Clubs in SCPASA. Family Games is also created by Mike Adeva but was a one day event.

fall 2004

For the first time in PASA history, the fall 2004 board creates a script for the first general meeting which is still done today. The board members reenacted a day in high school with a pep rally and weird teachers with a main character named "Barrel Guy". PASA goes to the Chuck E. Cheese in Fullerton after AKA. Members went hardcore on karaoke at "Mike Night". On the NorCal Trip, someone connected people's eyebrows into a unibrow while they were sleeping. PASA held a Casino night at The Country's Country Club (Diamond Bar) and a Halloween PASA event at The Hop in Lakewood where there was a $200 costume contest. PASA also had movie nights where one time, PASA members watched "The Grudge" together and they agreed watching a scary movie together was a lot more fun when everyone watching is scared.

Video provided by Dru Wu

spring 2005

During the third general meeting, PASA veteran Brian Molina and 7 other alumni came out to speak about the highs and lows of the political and social life of the Philippines. PASA and CPP Barkada had a collab together for formal which was called "Moonlight Serenade". Team Millenia performs their last performance for PCN during Impressions.

fall 2005

At NorCal Trip, PASA ended the trip at CSU Hayward for a pool party/luau. PASA member Joe Alog sends constant requests to ASI for a new piano in Fireside.

spring 2006

Formal was held at The Reef in Long Beach where the theme was "Dancing in the Moonlight". Formal was DJ'd by 2 time PCN Coordinator Randi Lopez (DJ Kodak). During spring break, a bonfire was supposed to be held but it rained so a kickback was held at Steve Navarro's house. There was food, video games, music, and flamin' Dr. Peppers. Some of the unique superlative categories were Card Player, Trash Talker, Gamer, Best Dru Wu, Most Likely to Ditch, Dirtiest Mouth, Video Game Duo, and Most Likely to Place Gay Porn on Someone's Laptop. Joe Alog was successful in getting a new piano for Fireside.

fall 2006

Over the summer, Kaibigans went to Six Flags because most of their Disneyland annual passes expired and tennis was very popular that there were "Tennis Tuesdays" over the summer break. Norcal Trip expands to visiting the I-Hotel after Spring 2006's PCN The I-Hotel. FG is run by two coordinators for the first time. Theta Delta Beta builds the famous blue and orange FG letters. In the PCN article written by PCN Coordinator Matt Geluz in the November 8, 2006 Kronicle issue, Matt mentions that PASA "has spawned all kinds of leaders... Not to mention professional dance teams, Hollywood actors, established DJs, entrepreneurial cafe owners, and visionaires." In October, some PASA members in the Filipino American Experience class taught by professor Carol Ojeda-Kimbrough went to Historic Filipinotown for a 1 hour guided bus tour by the Filipino American Library. They went to go see the Filipino mural "Gintong Kasaysayan, Gintong Pamana" (A Glorious History, A Golden Legacy) but were unable to go inside the park because the gates were closed. Social Chair Eileen Soong establishes a new dance team for PASA. Suggested name was PASA-bly Hip and then TM Alumni Matt Geluz suggested "Infinite PASAbilties". IP was born.

spring 2007

PASA screens "Paraiso" and proceeds were donated to GK. "Lights, Camera, GK". American Idol Camile Velasco performs at this screening.

fall 2007

Over the summer, PASA had its Best End of Summer Thing (B.E.S.T; now known as Big End of Summer Thing) at Huntington Beach and were joined by CPP Barkada. For CSUF's 50th anniversary, a kickoff event was held. Emeline Yong, college of business' assistant dean of student affairs, invited PASA to perform. PASA accepted the invitation and performed Tinikling to kick-off the event. After the event, PASA headed out to Huntington Beach to hang out with CPP Barkada for another beach day. Icebreakers, The Nasty, and Tidal Wave were played that day. Academic Chair Joslyn Hernandez gets an idea from Jay-Roel Gomez and Kirstie Velante about the idea of having the AKA reveals to be by cell phone numbers since Ates, Kuyas, and Adings didn't have each other's phone numbers. IP gets its first official team with auditions. Places 2nd at So You Think You Can Dance Fullerton. IP performs at FG for the first time. (For more of IP's performances, check out the Infinite Pasabilities section in the archives)

spring 2008

"Kaibigan" is added to the club's title. IP performs at PCN for the first time.

Fall 2008

Directed and produced by Fall 2008 Historian Chair, Jerell R.

fall 2009

PASA becomes a Festival Builder of the Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture as coordinators of the Youth Pavilion teaming up with CSUF Alpha Phi Omega and FPAC volunteers. During FPAC, PASA had activities for the youth such as coloring books, making bracelets, and a mini hula-hoop contest. PASA also competed in the Tinikling Battle against UCR Katipunan and CPP Barkada. PASA was also asked to perform by the city of Stanton for their youth day in the Stanton Community Center. Members performed "Tinikling" and "Aray" led by Ian Saldivar and Cherry Mabutas. To promote academics, Academic Chair Alvin Reyes held study nights on Monday nights. It was during this semester, board created the famous FG tutorial video that currently has 700,000+ views (The video can be seen in the FG archives). Selyna Arciaga creates first SPUF (Spirit Pride Unity Friendship) Committee for FG. An FG pre-party was  held at LEVEL 3 in Hollywood. AJ Rafael performs at FG! Theo Zuniga creates Rev.ART.lution where money raised went to Gawad Kalinga. Approximately $700 was raised. IP competes again in So You Think You Can Dance Fullerton and places 2nd. IP was a crowd favorite. Board also held the first board auction called "Win-A-Boardie" where some offered a trip to Disneyland, a personal photoshoot, and more. Board also held the first Dollar Dares. The Fall 2009 board also created official emails for PASA and IP board. At this point, "Downstairs" was commonly called "Fireside". 

Spring 2009

PCN Love How You Do gets an attendance of 806 people and on a Good Friday. PASA Alumnus Danny Pasquil invites PASA alumni to gather at a CSUF basketball game. An alumni banquet is hosted in the Pub by Selyna Arciaga. IP performs for Clippers game halftime show at the Staple Center.